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Listing Entry Enhancements

May 10, 2022

Start Incomplete Listings On-the-Go

In an effort to make it easier for you to manage listings wherever, whenever–we are excited to continue rolling out multiple enhancements for Listing Entry and Listing Maintenance over the next few months.

Our next round of updates will allow you to start a listing and save it as incomplete on both the Android app and the mobile web browser ( We will also be rolling out an address auto-populating feature. Both of these updates will be coming soon to iOS.

When Will It Change?

What Will Change?
There will now be a button labeled “Start a Listing” in the “Incomplete Listings” item under the Profile menu. You can select this button to create a new listing on the Android app or mobile web browser ( You can save the listing as incomplete, and complete the listing on Flexmls desktop when you’re back at your desk. You will now also be able to Google-search and select an address for a listing you are creating, and the matching address will be auto-populated into the individual fields.

Previous Listing Entry Enhancements

Here are the listing entry enhancements we have already rolled out as part of this project

  • Access Incomplete Listings On-the-Go

Access Incomplete Listings On-the-Go

There will now be a menu item under the profile menu for Incomplete Listings. Here you will be able to view any incomplete listings you have access to on Flexmls desktop. You will then be able to edit or delete an incomplete listing from your mobile device. Editing will allow you to make changes to photos, documents, videos, and virtual tours.