Additional Security Added To Flexmls Consumer Portal Sign Up

Feb 26, 2020

Now your customer portal has an additional security measure to help prevent false IDX leads created by automated (“bot”) software.

When Will It Change
These updates are available now. 

What Will Change
If you are a Flexmls IDX subscriber, your portal signup page now includes a reCAPTCHA above the Sign Up button. Users will be required to click the I’m not a robot checkbox in order to sign up for a portal account.

reCAPTCHA is a service that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. A “CAPTCHA” is a test to tell humans and bots apart. Valid (human) users pass the test easily, but automated software is blocked.

Why Are We Making These Changes
We’re making this change to help prevent malicious users from creating false IDX leads that interfere with your ability to identify and work with valid contacts.