Consistent Saved Search Mode

Mar 21, 2019

Working with saved searches is fundamental to your work in Flexmls. That’s why, on April 4th, we’re updating the Flexmls Web experience to make it consistent and easier to use.

When Will It Change
These updates will be available on April 4, 2019.

Who Will Be Affected
Users who save searches based on Quick Search templates in Flexmls will see this change. (Full Search, if used by your MLS, will not be affected.)

What Will Change
Working with a previously saved search is currently different than working with a search you just saved. This update will make that experience consistent.

Current Behavior
Immediately after saving a new search, the name of the Quick Search template is still shown in the upper left corner of the page, even though the search criteria and results reflect the saved search. This can make it unclear which search the user is currently working with. In addition, the Rename Search function is not available on the search results page.

Updated Behavior
After this update, immediately after saving a new search, the search name will be displayed on the page, making it clear that you are working with the criteria and results of the saved search. You’ll be able to click the star icon next to the search name to mark the search as a favorite, and the Rename Search function will be available under the More icon (three dots).

Why Are We Making These Changes
This change is part of an ongoing effort to simplify the user experience of Flexmls.