Email Subject Lines Won’t Include “Flexmls Web”

Jun 7, 2018

Starting on 6/21/18, emails sent from Flexmls will automatically NOT include the words Flexmls Web at the beginning of the subject line. This change will only impact the subject line, not the sender information, and it will help make the email’s subject clear and easy to understand.

When Will It Change
This update will be available on June 21, 2018.

Who Will Be Affected
This update will impact all users who send and receive emails from Flexmls Web.

What Will Change
Currently, some Flexmls emails automatically insert the words Flexmls Web at the beginning of the subject line. Examples of such emails include: Emails sent from My Messages, Broadcast Messages, and Portal Messages.

Current Email Subject – ‘Flexmls Web’ Added

Beginning June 21, Flexmls Web will no longer be inserted into the subject.

New Email Subject – Nothing Will Be Added

Please note that this change only affects the subject line and does not impact the via Flexmls designation contained in the sender information.

Why Are We Making This Change
This update keeps the subject line straightforward and easy for the recipient to understand.