Empty Fields Are Now Hidden on Tessera Reports

Mar 14, 2018

Starting on March 29th, Tessera reports (one-page reports) will now hide empty fields when viewing and printing the reports on Flexmls Web, making them easier to read and more visually appealing when you print or email the reports to your contacts and potential clients.

When will it change
This update will be available on March 29.

Who will be affected
This update affects all users who view, print, or email Tessera reports from Flexmls.

What will change
Tessera Reports are one-page reports with fixed layouts, commonly used as flyers. Currently, all field names on the report display even if there is no information in the field. In the example below, the field name Half Baths displays even though there are no Half Baths for the listing. Once the update is released, empty fields (like Half Baths in the example below) will not appear on the report.

Please note that when you are editing a Tessera Report in the report editor, blank fields will not be hidden, so you can see if there are too many fields in a particular container and receive an overflow warning.

Why are we making these changes
Hiding empty fields makes Tessera reports more visually appealing and easier to read. This lets your create, email, and print reports that display listings in an attractive, concise format.