Improvements to Mobile Site Experience

Mar 4, 2019

On March 21st, we’re introducing some small changes to the Flexmls Mobile website that will improve the experience for your clients who view listings on their mobile devices.

When Will It Change
These updates will be available on March 21, 2019.

Who Will Be Affected
Clients who view listings from mobile browsers will notice these updates.

What Will Change
Subscribing to Notifications
Consumers can subscribe to searches to be notified when new listings match the search or when matching listings have changed. Previously, if the user made changes to filters (search criteria) on a saved or agent-provided search, it was unclear whether they were subscribing to the original search or the version with their filter changes.

With this update, if a consumer changes the filters on a search, the Receive Notifications option will not be available unless the search is saved. The text on the Filter button will change to “Filter (Edited)” to indicate that there are unsaved changes. For consumers who can save searches, the Save Changes button will be available. (Note: Clients can save searches only if their agent has purchased IDX from FBS.)

Saving Searches
On mobile devices, clients of agents who have purchased IDX from FBS will now be able to save changes to their own saved searches. Previously, when a consumer changed the filters on a saved search, they were not able to save the changes. Now, if the search filters are changed, a Save Changes button will be available. Clicking the button will save the changes made by the consumer, and the Receive Notifications option will become available again.

Consumers will also be able to create new saved searches from agent-provided searches. If a consumer changes the filters on an agent-provided search, a Save Search option will be available. Clicking the button will allow the consumer to name and save their new search.

Hiding Listings
With this update, consumers will be able to hide listings directly from search results. Previously, the Hide option was available only from the listing details page.

Sign Up Option
For agents with IDX, a Sign Up button has been added to the Log In option. This enables lead generation on mobile.

News Feed Placeholder Text
Minor changes have been made to the text in the News Feed when it is empty. Because of recent updates to Flexmls Mobile for consumers, the old placeholder text was no longer accurate.

Why Are We Making These Changes
These changes are part of ongoing usability improvements for Flexmls on mobile devices. They help bring consistency to how Flexmls behaves for both agents and consumers, and they also make the consumer experience consistent when viewing listings on mobile and full web browsers.