Introducing FlōPlan: A New Flexmls Floor Plan App

Jan 12, 2021

In 2020, we released the FlōPlan® System, a fast and easy mobile app + software that produces awesomely accurate floor plans overnight from scans done with just a smartphone, easily linked to listings inside the Flexmls System. We’re excited to share that effective today you can access the FlōPlan System and start creating a floor plan for every one of your listings – easily and affordably. Previously, you could only access the FlōPlan App if your MLS licensed the software through FBS.

When Will It Change?

This update will be gradually rolling out to all MLSs throughout January 2021. When it becomes available in your MLS, you can purchase a floor plan for only $29 per scan (or $12 at licensed MLSs). Keep an eye out for the announcement email or ask your MLS when FlōPlan will be available in your area.

What Will Change?

Once enabled at your MLS, you will be able to easily create and link floor plans to your listings in the MLS System using only your smartphone. That way you can easily put a floor plan on ALL of your listings and help raise the listing standard.

Floor plans by floplan

Simply stated, floor plans make listings better – for everyone.

Buyers Want Them:
For years, Buyers have told us that a floor plan is one both valuable and helpful during the home search. According to NAR research, consumers rank the importance of a floor plan just beneath photos and property information; it’s hard to imagine that we’ve gone so long without fulfilling that need.

Floor Plans Sell Homes:
Floor plans can help sell homes faster, providing a buyer with an instant view of the home’s flow. This helps them sort through inventory and build a list of properties to walk through with their agent that meet their needs.

Floor Plans Improve the Listing Record:
Floor plans improve and enrich the listing record and the MLS database.

  1. Desktop: Search for “FloPlan” in the Flexmls Menu and log in with your Flexmls username and password (yup, it works for both already!)

Pro Tip: Bookmark this page for easy access or desktop login later

2. Mobile: Download the Floplan App from your app store (iOS or Android) and log in with your Flexmls username and password.

  • The FlōPlan System is a new, paid Flexmls feature.
  • The cost is $29 per scan/floor plan.
  • You don’t have to do the scan yourself. There’s an invite feature that empowers you to invite someone else to scan (licensed assistant, team member, photographer, etc.).
  • It’s easy. We mean SUPER easy. All you need is your smartphone. We’ve prepared a short instructional video to give you the confidence to get started, too.
  • Your completed floor plans easily link to your listings within Flexmls.
  • We’ve got your back. If you ever run into any problems, our experienced and helpful support team is at your service, ready to help.

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