Manage Multiple Accounts on Mobile

May 22, 2023

As part of our commitment to making Flexmls as easy, efficient, and seamless as possible, we have now added the ability to add and manage multiple Flexmls accounts within the Flexmls Pro App for iOS and Android. Previously, users had to repeatedly log in and out of the app in order to access different Flexmls accounts. Now, you can conveniently access all your Flexmls accounts and toggle between them—allowing for a simpler, more streamlined user experience. 

Learn how to set up your accounts for easy access at the link and steps below. 

To set up multiple accounts in the Flexmls Pro App: 

  1. Login with username A as normal.
  2. Tap More > Log Out
  3. Go back to login and delete username A and enter username B. 
  4. Tap Next and enter in the password for username B. 
  5. Tap Login. Once that is complete, you can go to More and then switch between the accounts as needed. After accounts are added, they are securely stored within the app, ensuring the privacy and integrity of user data.

Tip: Click More and view the top line to check which account you are currently using.