Modernizing Your Flexmls Experience

Jun 17, 2019

Since the start of 2019, you’ve probably noticed some changes to Flexmls. That’s because we’ve been actively refreshing and modernizing the overall look and feel. This isn’t a one-time project; it’s an ongoing journey. Our promise is to always provide you with an MLS System that works the way you do, is consistent as possible across pages and devices and looks modern and fresh. We’re excited for this year’s enhancements: a number of refreshed pages tailored to your everyday tasks, an easier to read Flexmls interface, and a squeaky clean appearance.

What Are the Benefits of This Change?

Besides the obvious overall “improved visual appeal,” the interface is being refreshed to reflect current software usability practices. This means your refreshed pages will have an updated look that will feel familiar. We will use workflow patterns, button sizes, screen layouts, and an overall experience that’s similar to other products you might encounter throughout your day. The top benefits of this refresh include:

Easier To Read: The new layouts will contain larger, more readable fonts that meet standard web accessibility guidelines which will greatly benefit the everyday user and those who are visually impaired.

Cleaner Appearance: Who doesn’t like a little breathing room? The refreshed screen layouts will have more room around page titles, buttons, and content. Screens will look less crowded, providing a better experience on all screen sizes.

Pages Tailored to You: By monitoring user data (how you use Flexmls), feedback, and research, we’ve been able to determine the most and least used features. With this data, we’re able to better tailor changes to your common, everyday tasks: Most-used items will be showcased front and center, while least-used items can still be accessed, but won’t be as prominent as the most-used items.

Responsive Design

You know that awesome feeling you get when you make your browser window smaller and everything automatically scales to size so you can still read it all? This user refresh also makes Flexmls pages more responsive for easier viewing on your smaller desktop screens, laptops, tablets, and phones!

More Than Just Good Looking, It’s Futureproof

In addition to looking better, the code has been overhauled. Why does that matter to you? Well, we won’t geek out too much here and go on and on about it. Long story short, it allows us to create and deliver new features to you faster while making the system easier to learn and interact with (for you). For those of you who might want to geek out with us: from a software perspective, one consistent, responsive product code-base decreases time to market for innovation while improving maintainability and supportability.

Why Are We Making These Changes?

Because it’s our top priority to always deliver the best user experience for you.