My Market Report: Transition From Full Search (Legacy) To Quick Search

Jun 23, 2020

Recently we announced that Full Search (legacy) will be discontinued in November 2020. As part of the transition to Quick Search, we’re replacing the Full Search options in the My Market report with Quick Search.

Note: If your MLS does not use Full Search (legacy) , nothing will change. Your My Market report already uses Quick Search.

When Will It Change?
This update will be available on July 9, 2020. 

What Will Change?
You can access the My Market Report by clicking My Market under Statistics on the menu. On the My Market Report page, click Customize to select a search to specify which listings to include in the report. Currently, MLSs with Full Search (legacy) can only use Full Search (legacy) to customize the My Market Report.

With this change, the Full Search (legacy) and Previous Full Searches (legacy) options will be removed from the Customize menu. A Quick Search option will be added.

The Saved Search option, which enables you to use a saved search to get the desired statistics, will stay the same. Saved searches are not affected by the switch from Full Search (legacy) to Quick Search. The names of saved searches, search criteria, and search results will be the same, regardless of whether the search was originally created using Full Search (legacy) or Quick Search.

When you customize the My Market Report with a Quick Search, all Quick Search templates are available. If you customize the My Market Report often, you may want to create your own Quick Search template that contains the fields that you typically use. For more information about creating a Quick Search template, see the Flexmls Help Center

Why Are We Making These Changes?
We’re dedicated to providing you with the best search experience possible in Flexmls, which is why we’re discontinuing Full Search (legacy) in November 2020. To learn all about the transition from Full Search (legacy) to Quick Search, please visit our resource center . We’re here to help you make the switch with ease.