New Flexmls Mobile Portal Enhancements

Nov 11, 2018

We know that your clients depend on you for fast, accurate listing information and an increasing number are viewing listings from their mobile devices. As a result, starting on November 29th, we’re updating the Flexmls mobile portal homepage with more emphasis on your brand and contact information and updating the Saved tab, making it easier to navigate.

When Will It Change
These updates will be available on November 29, 2018.

Who Will Be Affected
All clients using the portal on mobile websites will receive these updates.

What Will Change
Just as before, when on a mobile website, your portal’s homepage will feature your photo, contact information, messages, and your active listings. Your profile photo is now larger and clicking the Show More link will expand your profile to display your full contact information (all phone numbers, email addresses, website and physical address).

Saved Tab
The Saved tab (Star icon) is being updated to display searches and listing collections in distinctly separate containers. Each container also has a short description, making it easy for your clients to understand what each section contains.

Additionally, if a search has an active subscription, it will be labeled as Subscribed. Clients can manage the subscription by tapping on the search, and toggling the Receive Notifications option at the top of the search screen. Turning notifications on enables the subscription so they can receive automatic updates via email.

If the contact has not previously opted-in to receiving listing updates via email, they will receive an email allowing them to do so. A dialogue box on the screen lets them know that they should check their email and opt-in to receive future listing updates. Please note that clients only have to opt-in one time; if a client has opted-in to receiving listing updates previously, they will not be asked to do so again.

If their email address is undeliverable, a dialogue box on the screen notifies them and provides directions on how to update their email address.

Easily Accessible Options
When viewing listings, you may find yourself scrolling down the page. As you scroll, the Filter, Share, and More options will stay at the top of the screen instead of scrolling away. No need to return to the top of the page to access those options. This feature will be available to agents and clients when viewing listings.

Why Are We Making These Changes
These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to improve the Flexmls Portal experience on mobile devices. The updates to the homepage place greater emphasis on your profile photo and allow your clients to access all of your contact information quickly and conveniently. The updates to the Search tab make navigating the page more intuitive and keeps the process for managing subscriptions the same as the full portal website, creating more consistency between platforms.