New Setting to Control Reverse Prospecting for New Contacts

Mar 8, 2018

Starting on March 22, 2018 you will be able to control whether Reverse Prospecting is enabled by default when adding new contacts on Flexmls Web. The default is controlled by a new setting under General Preferences and can save you time, so you don’t have to manually check (or uncheck) the Reverse Prospecting box after adding a contact.

Reverse Prospecting can be a useful tool to use in order to obtain broader exposure for your listings. The process determines which other members have contacts with searches that match your listing and provides you with a list of members to inform of the matches. For a more detailed explanation of Reverse Prospecting click here.

When Will it Change
This update will be available on March 22, 2018.

Who Will be Affected
All users will have access to the new general preference Default for Enable Reverse Prospecting checkbox on Add Contact.

What Will Change
A new setting under General Preferences, Default for Enable Reverse Prospecting checkbox on Add Contact, allows you to determine if Reverse Prospecting is automatically enabled/disabled whenever you create a new contact. To update the setting, use your menu to go to General Preferences.

Scroll to the new setting, Default for Enable Reverse Prospecting checkbox on Add Contact.

The setting will be defaulted to either Yes or No as determined by your MLS. You can manually change the setting if you’d like.

If set to Yes, the checkbox for Reverse Prospecting will be checked automatically whenever you add a new contact. This lets other agents to notify you if they have a property that matches any searches attached to your contact.

If set to No, the checkbox for Reverse Prospecting will not be checked by default whenever you add a new contact. This will exclude the contact from the Reverse Prospecting process.

Note, changing this setting does not affect existing contacts. It only applies when adding new contacts. Existing contacts can be updated on a per-contact basis when editing contacts in Contact Management.

Why Are We Making These Changes
This update allows you to make sure your new contacts are automatically included in Reverse Prospecting results, saving you time and effort so you don’t need to manually check the Reverse Prospecting box in Contact Management after adding a new contact.