Quick Search Is Now Quicker

Jul 24, 2020

We’re making enhancements to Quick Search views to help you save time and streamline your workflows. Soon you’ll be able to assign a view to a Quick Search template without the extra work of creating a custom template. Previously, when you changed the view, it was only used during that specific search session. 

When Will It Change?
This update will be available on August 13, 2020.

What Will Change?
Each Quick Search template (for example, Residential) has a default view that controls which columns are displayed on the List tab of search results. To display a different set of columns, you can select a different view. 

Previously when you changed the view, it was only used during your current search session. The next time you searched using the same template, the List tab reverted to the default view. To permanently assign a different view, you had to create your own Quick Search template with that view assigned.

With this change, Quick Search will remember the last view that you used with a template. The next time you begin a Quick Search with that template, the view you selected is used by default. 

For example, assume that you perform a Quick Search using the Residential template and you change the view from Default Residential to Hot Sheet. The next time you begin a Quick Search with the Residential template, the List tab of the search results page will use the Hot Sheet view.

Why Are We Making These Changes?
We’re dedicated to providing you with the best search experience possible in Flexmls. This enhancement benefits all Quick Search users by making template customization faster and easier. It also helps ease the transition for users who are switching to Quick Search when Full Search (legacy) is retired in November 2020. To learn all about the transition from Full Search (legacy) to Quick Search, please visit our resource center.