Quick Search Template & View Enhancements

Jun 30, 2020

We’re fine-tuning Quick Search templates and views to make it easier for you to save modified versions that work for you. 

When Will It Change?
This update will be available on July 23, 2020.

What Will Change?
The MLS provides default Quick Search templates and views that are inherited by all members. When you edit an inherited Quick Search template or view, you are actually making a personal copy with your changes. You can’t edit the original inherited template or view. 

Currently, it can be difficult to tell whether you are working with an inherited version or a personal copy. With these enhancements, we’re providing additional information and cues in the user interface to make the process clearer. 

Quick Search Templates
To create or edit Quick Search templates, click My Quick Searches under Preferences on the menu. Select an inherited template and click Edit.

The name of the Edit Quick Search Template page will change to Create Template from [template name]

By default, the Quick Search Name will be blank, rather than being auto-populated with the name of the inherited template. It’s a required field, so a red asterisk will be added next to the label.

To create or edit Quick Search views, click My Views under Preferences on the menu. Select an inherited view and click Edit.

On the General tab of the Edit View page, the “Description” field label will change to “Name” and a red asterisk will indicate that it’s a required field. Both the Name and Report Description fields will be blank rather than being auto-populated with the name and description of the inherited view.

An information icon and tooltip will appear next to the Report Description field, clarifying that the Report Description appears on the list of results in printed and emailed reports.

Why Are We Making These Changes?
We’re dedicated to providing you with the best search experience possible in Flexmls. This change benefits all Quick Search users by improving the process of personalizing a template. It also helps ease the transition for users who are switching to Quick Search when Full Search (legacy) is retired in November 2020. To learn all about the transition from Full Search (legacy) to Quick Search, please visit our resource center.