Say Hello to Saved Search Enhancements

Mar 28, 2019

Starting on April 11th, we’re updating the Saved Searches page in Flexmls Pro for Android and Mobile Web with a modernized look that is user-friendly and more intuitive.

When Will It Change
These updates will be available on April 11, 2019.

Who Will Be Affected
Users of the Flexmls Pro Android app or Mobile Web who currently have access to the Saved Searches function will see these updates.

What Will Change
The Saved option on the home page will be renamed Saved Searches to align with the Flexmls Web desktop application.

We’ve added links at the top of the Saved Searches page to easily access favorite and draft searches. We’ve also added the ability to sort the list of saved searches (by most recent, least recent, or search name) and the ability to add a saved search to your favorites by clicking on the star.

The More (three dots) icon will be displayed next to each saved search name. The More menu gives you one-click access to view saved search details, rename the saved search, or delete the saved search.

Why Are We Making These Changes
These changes are part of a larger initiative to modernize the look and feel of Flexmls. By doing so, we’ll provide your members with a Flexmls system that matches their business workflow, a more modern interface, and a more consistent Flexmls experience across pages and devices.