Streamlined Communication on Mobile For You and Your Clients

May 23, 2019

Starting on June 6th, we made the messaging features in our Flexmls mobile platform (Flexmls Pro for Android, Flexmls Mobile Web, and the Flexmls Portal) easier to use and more convenient than ever for your members and their clients. They can look forward to updated message threads, responsive pages that accommodate a wider range of mobile devices and screen sizes, and of course, a new modern look and feel.

Benefits of Mobile Messaging Advantages for Members
The built-in messaging in Flexmls provides you with a streamlined way of communicating with your clients.

When a contact sends a message from a listing, a clickable summary of the listing information is always included, making it clear which property the conversation is about. Tapping the photo will take you directly to the detail view for the listing. From there, tapping Back returns you to the contact’s message, making it easy to review a listing and then respond to a question.

Message management is easier because messages from a contact are gathered in one place. Instantly send a reply by entering a return message and tapping Send. Questions and replies stay together in threads.

For members, messages are also a great way to direct contacts to the client portal.

Advantages for Clients
Your clients can quickly and easily ask a question, request a showing, or comment on a listing by tapping the Contact Agent button. Even if they’re not logged in, clients can send a message to their agent. (Logging in is required to see the agent’s reply.)


Because the clickable listing summary is always included, clients can also tap the photo in a message to view the details of the listing.

When Will It Change
This update will become available on June 6, 2019.

Who Will Be Affected
Members who use the Flexmls Pro Android app or mobile website and clients who view the Flexmls Portal on a mobile device will notice these updates.

What Will Change
With this change, message threads are getting an updated, modern look. Messaging pages on mobile will also become more responsive, accommodating a wider range of mobile devices and screen sizes.

Why Are We Making These Changes
Members and their clients increasingly use mobile devices to complete tasks, and about two-thirds of all portal visits are on mobile devices. These changes make it easier for clients and members to communicate with each other about listings using their mobile devices.