Update to Market Share Report for Non-Disclosures

Mar 22, 2018

Starting on April 5th on Flexmls Web, if your MLS follows non-disclosure laws for sold prices (it doesn’t require sold prices to be published and allows $0 to be entered for a listing’s sold price), the Market Share report will be more accurate and easier to understand by indicating how totals are calculated for listings with a disclosed price.

When Will It Change
This update will be available on April 5, 2018.

Who Will Be Affected
This change will only affect users when (1) your MLS follows non-disclosure laws and allows $0 to be entered for a listing’s sold price; and (2) your MLS allows members, offices, or companies access to the Market Share option in the Saturation Analysis report.

What Will Change
Run a Market Share report by using the Menu to find and select Inventory & Production; then select the Saturation Analysis report. The Market Share option is at the bottom of the screen (click here for more information on using the Market Share option).

After making your selections, the results in the VolumeAverage, and % Total Volume columns will be calculated using only disclosed prices. If you’ve included the option to Calculate numbers and volume using sides, the Sides column will include sides for all listings regardless of whether the price was disclosed.

If a total in the VolumeAverage, or % Total Volume column involves listings with non-disclosed sale prices, an asterisk will appear next to the number. A note at the bottom of the report lets you know: One or more listings have an undisclosed price. This value is calculated based on disclosed prices only. Use your mouse to hover over a value with an asterisk and a popup will indicate how many sides with a disclosed price were used to calculate the value.

Why Are We Making the Change
This update keeps the information in the Sides and % Total Number column accurate while clearly indicating that only listings with disclosed prices are used to calculate values for VolumeAverage, and % Total Volume. As a result, the report is more transparent and easier to understand.