Updated Text Editor for Emails & Reports

Mar 21, 2018

The newest version of the text editor for Emails and Reports is available now in Flexmls Web. The Text Editor lets you control the format and design for emails and custom reports. With the newest update, all of the previous functionality remains and some new features have been added as well. Please note that the layout of the editing tools has had some minor updates, so some features may be found in different locations on the screen. A few of the notable features and changes are listed below.

Who is affected
This update affect all Flexmls Web users.

What changed
The text editor is found when using features like Manual Email, Subscriptions, Reverse Prospecting, the Custom Report Editor, and more. While the functionality remains the same, some features have been added and some features have changed positions.

The font type and font size appear by default, making it easier to increase or decrease the size of your text.

Insert Links
To insert links into your text, click the Insert menu, and select Link.

To preview how the body of your message will appear, click the View menu and select Preview.

Please note: if you are using the Custom Report Editor, and want to preview how the report will look, click the Preview button at the top right of the screen.

Quick Edit for Tables
If you’ve inserted a table, there is a new table editor that appears when you click on the table. It allows you to edit the Table Properties, Delete the Table, Insert/Delete Rows, and Insert/Delete Columns.

Access Source Code
To access the Source Code and directly manipulate the html code, click on the View menu and select Source Code. Most users may not use this feature; however, it is a very useful feature for power-users and MLS Administrators.

Why are we making these changes
This update keeps Flexmls’s text editing tools compatible with the most recent versions of the major web browsers, and it also introduces a few new tools to help you control exactly how a message will display for recipients.