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Flexmls Fundamentals - Subscriptions, Portals and Contact Activity

Do you ever wonder what your contacts are doing with the listings you send them? If so, then check out part three of our five part training series, Flexmls Fundamentals. This class covers the fundamental tools for working with prospects in Flexmls. We will teach you the basics of subscriptions (auto-emails), portals and understanding contact activity in Flexmls. Whether you’re new to Flexmls or a seasoned user, this webinar will have something for you! 

Your trainer for this webinar

Josh joined FBS in 2013 as a member of the CPR team where he enjoys working on conversions, doing member training, and documenting new features in Flexmls. Over the past 12 years he has lived in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Washington, D.C and North Dakota. Although he recently moved to Texas, Josh considers himself an honorary southerner and enjoys attending anvil shoots, crawfish boils, and using the word “y’all” with impunity.