Overcoming Obstacles with FlōPlan - Furniture and Clutter Training Weekly

If you are new to FloPlan, we recommend checking out our beginner webinar before joining us for this session!

Some homes present challenges such as furniture and general clutter. Let’s talk about that! Choose from multiple training dates and times.

We would like invite you to join the FlōPlan Team to talk about physical obstacles while scanning a listing, outside features like patios and decks, how to make a request to fix and existing floor plan, and the rescan feature! We will cover unique scenarios and cover all the options you have when facing various challenges while scanning. We look forward to seeing you there!

Your trainer

Chris E FBS Trainer
Chris E
Chris joined FBS in 2020 as the Customer Success Director of the FlōPlan Team where he enjoys working with MLS Admins and Agents, doing member training, and exploring new features of the FlōPlan System. A father of three awesome kids, he enjoys quality family time, riding motorcycle through the beautiful country side, and tackling home improvement projects!