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Conversions can be chaotic.

Let the Pros at FBS guide you to smoother waters.

Let the Pros at FBS guide you to smoother waters.

World-class training and support from experienced owners who care

  • 100% of our tenured, employee-owned staff is focused on your success with dedicated conversion, support, and marketing resources that help your members acclimate to a new system/user interface.

Technology that makes a conversion worthwhile

  • FBS products powerfully serve and support the MLS mission of making the market work.
    • With Flexmls, the MLS is the trusted, innovative partner in the creation and distribution of accurate, complete listing data for their market.
    • Flexmls empowers the MLS to customize based on market preferences and serve member needs.
    • Flexmls Mobile apps are free and easy to use for both Agents and Homebuyers.
    • SpringMLS and FloPlan complete the portfolio.
  • The Spark API that powers Flexmls creates continuity across all platforms and fosters the free-flow of data between systems. With dozens of existing integrations (and growing) with CRMs, CMAs, etc., Flexmls is flexible to your needs. Members get what they need, when they need it, on any device.

42 years of experience have cleared the path for you

  • During the last 4 years, FBS has successfully completed 150+ conversions and datashares. Our conversion timeline clearly communicates key milestones and deadlines so all parties are aligned and goals are met.
  • In addition to a generous training schedule, FBS provides a free, professionally crafted multi-media marketing plan to help prepare your members for the upcoming change of a conversion. Our clients use that content to build awesome communication tools for membership.

We do what we say we’re going to do - a true partner to your success

  • We’ll let you know where we see potential for challenges and work closely with you to develop solutions that make the rough tide… less rough.
  • With FBS and Flexmls, you’ll never feel like you were “sold”.

FBS + Flexmls: “Pros” that make the “Cons” of a conversion less stressful.

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