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New to Flexmls?

We created this page to provide new MLS administrators with tools to get started and become familiar with the Flexmls platform. From pre-created marketing content to share with your members, video tutorials, to admin system settings, we’ll share valuable resources we want you to know about. We know you have a lot to learn as you get started with your new role, so feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it at any point.

Flexmls Overview

Before you start exploring the Flexmls platform, check out this 5-minute overview to get the lay of the land.


Mastering the system is a breeze with our Flexmls Fundamentals video series. Join us there for a thorough walk through of all the major features and functions in Flexmls, such as searching or adding/changing a listing.

The Flexmls Academy

There are two! On the Flexmls website (flexmls.com) we have:

An Agent Academy. You can point your members here to watch recorded trainings, short tip videos, discover upcoming webinars, read about product news and enhancements and more! There’s a search bar to help narrow down results if you are looking for something specific.

In the Admin Academy you will find similar resources, but geared towards MLS admins. The admin academy is password protected. Just use your Flexmls username and password to gain access!

You will find this in the Admin Academy mentioned above, but we think it deserves a call out. This is pre-created content for you to distribute to your members. Looking for content for a newsletter? Social post? We’ve done all the work for you, all you need to do is copy, paste and send for ongoing member education. The link below is a library of previous Fast Pass emails, but each month you will receive a new Fast Pass email to your inbox to share with members.


We’ll show you all the places in Flexmls where you can find training and help in this quick video.

Where can I send my members to find help and training?

Flexmls Academy

An agent learning academy full of resources such as recorded trainings, upcoming trainings, short tip videos and more!

Guided Help Tutorials

Members can select a topic they’d like to learn more about and the Flexmls Platform will instantly start guiding them through the process, step-by-step.

Written Help

Member prefers written help? Use searchable help pages to answer all their questions.

Flexmls Admin Training

You’ve mastered the basics of Flexmls and want to learn about Admin-specific settings in Flexmls. Watch one of our recorded webinars.


Where can you expect to see information about Flexmls news and product enhancements?

We share Flexmls news via email and also in the Flexmls notification center. Watch this video to learn more about the notification center. 


Need Marketing Materials?

As always, our Customer Success team is on standby for any additional questions you may have.

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