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Flexmls’s new Photo Compliance feature simplifies the way MLS administrators handle content violations in listing photos. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, this feature streamlines the process of detecting and addressing compliance violations, saving MLS admins valuable time and effort while improving listings’ accuracy. 

Photo Violation Detection

Activate the “Detect Photo Violations” option to automatically scan uploaded photos for potential compliance violations. You can even choose specific property types to focus on, providing a tailored approach to violation detection.

Customizable Detection Settings

As an MLS admin, you’ll be able to select which types of violations trigger a review, allowing you to modify the functionality to align with your MLS rules.

Multiple Detection Categories

The computer vision capabilities can identify a wide range of violations, including advertising elements, faces, license plates, obstructed lenses, phone numbers, QR codes, signposts, logos, text, and watermarks. (Please note that watermarks are detected as a whole and not specific types).

Sensitivity Settings

Fine-tune the system’s sensitivity for specific violations, such as license plates and sign posts, allowing you to determine the risk level required for an alert.

With these new compliance features, MLS admins will be notified of the violations for review. Future iterations will be focused on preventing violations when photos are uploaded.

In addition to photo compliance, later this year we will be rolling out more AI enhancements for listing photos, which will provide an improved user experience. These features will shorten the listing entry process while providing greater depth for listing data.

Preferred Photo Display (December 2023)

Homebuyers can experience a personalized home search by selecting their preferred starting point – whether it’s the backyard view or a kitchen – instead of the typical front-of-house photo.

Photo Description Suggestion/Population (December 2023 - Early Q1 2024)

Agents can save time by automatically filling AI-generated photo names/titles with descriptive labels such as “Living Room” instead of generic ones like “img_2993”. Agents will also have the option to use suggested photo captions that are automatically generated based on the image.